Off topic post? Maybe, but here is the point. On the way to the office on this glorious Sunday afternoon, I was listening to the above-referenced opera  and thinking about a common translation of its Italian title: "That’s the way women are".  Like most stereotypes, it paints with a broad brush and does not recognize the individual differences that may swallow the generalities. So the point I want to make is that in most of the decisions summarized on these pages from Delaware’s Chancery Court and Supreme Court, one will find a substantial part of the opinions devoted to an exhaustive recitation of the facts–prior to any discussion or application of the legal principles involved. Why does this matter? Because the court can only decide the cases presented to it and the cases presented to it are often factually intensive and the particular factual details of a given case are often determinative. This careful observation often will give the lie to those who try to pigeon-hole Delaware decisions into "pro-management" or some similar tendentious stereotype.

Postscript: Fortunately (in some ways), I have been too busy recently with paying clients to keep up as often as I would prefer with my summaries of recent Delaware cases, but I am hoping to  remedy that and catch-up today as well as during this coming week.