It seems that I finally have a good faith basis to pen a law-related post relevant to this blog that warrants the use of a photo of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

As reported recently by the here, apparently descendants of The Knights Templar have sued the Supreme Pontiff about alleged confiscation of property that was owned by the secretive group over 700 years ago. Yes, there may be a statute of limitations problem, and as head of state for the sovereign nation referred to as The Holy See and known affectionately as The Vatican, there is also an issue of sovereign immunity. ( Delaware litigation and class actions go together like ham and eggs, so that was my hook.)

As a member of the Knights of Malta, which traces its history, according to some accounts, approximately back to the year 1085,  I have an interest in these things and I have finally found a litigation-based reason to post about it on this blog.