Kevin O’Keefe, the nation’s leading expert on blogs for lawyers–and others–provides here his updated review of blogging amid the AmLaw 200 (the country’s 200 largest firms). Changes since his last survey in August 2007 show that just over 25% of the group’s firms (including my firm) generate a total of 110  blogs.   I noticed from the survey that 30 of those blogs are not "firm-sponsored". This is an increase from the 56/74 ratio of only 6 months ago.  That is a very important statistic for me, since my firm is pressuring me to make this  Delaware Corporate and Commercial  Litigation Blog that you are now reading into a "firm-sponsored blog" and we are in negotiations about what that will mean in terms of the "public face" of this blog though I will remain the sole author and I will retain editorial control over the substantive content–which will continue to focus on summaries of key business litigation opinions primarily from Delaware’s Chancery Court and Supreme Court, as it has for the three years that my blog has been online. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: For those interested in blogging, here  is a recent post by Kevin O’Keefe in which he describes the group he has created on LinkedIn  for those who blog and those who want to learn more about blogging.