Please excuse this brief "off-topic" post that aims to celebrate good government, but more candidly it also is a chance to exult in the success of my big brother, Dominic, who was the author and prime sponsor of Senate Bill 1 that was just signed today by the Governor of  Pennsylvania (Delaware’s next door neighbor). Sen. Dominic Pileggi, Majority Leader of the PA Senate, has worked for over a year to get the bill passed and has persevered through multiple revisions and battled numerous amendments in both chambers in order to reform the 50 year old state law concerning public access to public records. The new Open-Records Law radically transforms the law in Pennsylvania by "reversing the presumption" and placing the burden on the government to explain why a document should not be made available to the public, with certain enumerated exceptions. Here is an editorial about the new legislation in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Congrats, big brother!