As a follow-up to my earlier post today, here is late-breaking news, courtesy of Prof. Larry Ribstein, about law professor Steven Davidoff, whose blog attracted the attention of  The New York Times — for whom Professor Davidoff will now be blogging "full-time". This is an indication of the continuing importance of blogs and the need for the MSM (mainstream media) to change with the times or become extinct.

Here is a recent post on his new NYT blog about a case that was filed this week in Delaware Chancery Court, in Jana Partners v. CNet Networks, about a by-law dispute that relates to an issue about who is entitled to nominate new members of a board and whether or not the by-law at issue improperly reposes too much control over the nomination process in the board. Professor Davidoff even provides the following case citation in his discussion of this important aspect of Delaware corporate law: Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. v. JCC Holding Co., 802 A.2d 294 (Del.Ch. 2002).