Nell Minow, co-founder of The Corporate Library, describes here,  a recent article by J.W. Verret, a former law clerk for the Delaware Court of Chancery,  as the "latest and greatest in corporate governance literature". The article, entitled:  Pandora’s Ballot Box, or a Proxy with Moxie? Majority Voting, Corporate Ballot Access, and the Legend of Martin Lipton Re-Examined, can be seen in the latest edition of The Business Lawyer, or download a recent working draft here. Verret’s summary of the topics and the findings in the article were included here in a post on the Harvard Corporate Governance Blog.

UPDATE: Without attempting to detract from the gravitas of the foregoing, I came across a post here that may be useful for "comparing and contrasting". It appears on a corporate governance site called Proxyland. The entertaining post refers to the recent SEC pronouncements on proxies as not warranting so much attention–according to her reading of a recent article by Vice Chancellor Strine to which the post provides a link.