West Willow-Bay Court v. Robino-Bay Court Plaza, LLC, 2007 WL 4357667 (Del. Ch., Dec. 2007), read opinion here.  The Chancery Court’s main decision (that was the subject of this effort at an interlocutory appeal) was summarized here on this blog. This most recent opinion decided a futile attempt under Rule 42 to suggest that a recent Delaware Supreme Court decision changed the well-settled Delaware law of contracts in terms of the "objective theory" of contracts and related concepts of extrinsic evidence. ( Here  is a link to the Chancery Court’s recent tome in the United Rentals case in which the law of contracts in Delaware is comprehensively and authoritatively reviewed.)

Here is the subsequent recent decision of the Supreme Court denying the attempted interlocutory appeal (despite the Chancery Court rebuffing such efforts below). In its Order, the Supreme Court specifically noted that it was clarifying (in agreement with the Chancery Court),  that its recent decision in the Appriva case did NOT change Delaware contract law.