My "night job" writing this blog is made so much easier by being able to simply link to the scholarly writings of corporate law professors who analyze recent  selected Delaware cases and who also provide exemplary commentary on various aspects of Delaware corporate law. The series on derivative litigation by Professor Bainbridge recently posted on these pages is an example. Now we have another example. Professor Bainbridge has collected key Delaware cases on the "corporate opportunity" doctrine. Read the whole thing  replete with citations at the link below. An extra bonus provides excerpts from the famous Meinhard v. Salmon case. This is more evidence of how blogs are bringing legal scholarship to the hoi polloi. Here is the introductory quote from the good professor’s post today:

 This post begins the second in a series of experimental posts designed to do “real” scholarship in the blog format. In each series, I take an area of the law where I think I have something to contribute, but to which devoting the time and effort inherent in writing a traditional law review article seems unwarranted. Collectively, the posts constitute a short monograph on the subject. In this series, we will rethink the corporate opportunities doctrine.

This post introduces the problem and then summarizes the relevant Delaware law.

Here is a link to the whole post. Great stuff for those interested in this area.