This post is in the category of important issues in our society that should be of interest to all lawyers who are concerned about the rules and norms that govern societal behavior. Here  is an article from a local newspaper about a diversity training program at a local university–but I am not sure if it is an actual, truthful account or not.  Nonetheless, it could serve as the basis for a day-long discussion of contemporary issues of free speech and other important rights. I have made inquiries to find out whether it is an actual transcript, but in the meantime, I invite comments from readers, regardless of whether it is a spoof or an actual transcript of the event.

UPDATE: Here is a link to another article that makes the university appear to be backpedaling.

UPDATE II: Here and here are articles that suggest that there is more to it. The first link in this update quotes from a 1941 U.S. Supreme Court decision that notes the constitutional prohibition against public officials or others prescribing what shall be orthodox in matters of opinion.