When I am up to date on my summaries of  court decisions from Delaware’s Chancery Court and Supreme Court, I often refer to interesting cases in other Delaware courts or the courts of neighboring jurisdictions, such as the Delaware County (PA) Court of Common Pleas, which is the trial court of general jurisdiction just across the state line from Wilmington.

Here is a case that I thought was notable simply for a passing observation about personal jurisdiction over businesses (such as hospitals) that serve residents of neighboring states.

In Glick v. Christiana Health Care Services, et al., Del. Cty. Ct. Cm. Pl., (PA), 94 Del. Rep. 285 (July 2007), read opinion here, Judge George Pagano ruled on post-trial motions regarding a malpractice claim against a Delaware hospital and Delaware doctors who treated someone who resided in Pennsylvania  The court dismissed a doctor on jurisdictional grounds but the opinion appears to reflect that the parties conceded the court’s jurisdiction over the Delaware hospital.