Professor Mark Roe of Harvard Law School presented today the 23rd Annual F.G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law in Wilmington, Delaware, to members of the Delaware Bench and Bar at the Hotel duPont at 8:00a.m.  The Lecture was entitled: "Does Delaware Compete?" ( The lecture series is named after my father — for those noticing the different initials.) The presentation was approved for one hour of CLE credit in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Here is a more detailed summary of Professor Roe’s scheduled presentation.

I understand that Professor Larry Hamermesh will be providing a summary of Prof. Roe’s Lecture on the Harvard Corporate Governance Blog in the near future.

Among Professor Roe’s many publications is his law review article entitled Delaware’s Politics, 118 Harv. L Rev. 2491 (2005), in which he examines the interplay between Delaware’s role in forming and monitoring the nation’s corporate governance law and the ability of the U.S. Congress to displace Delaware in that capacity.

Here is a post on the 22nd Annual Pileggi Lecture presented by Professor Hillary SaleHere  is a post on the 21st Annual Pileggi Lecture by Professor Stephen Bainbridge, including a link to his law review article prepared in connection with the Lecture which, like each of the annual presentations, is intended to form the basis of an article for Widener’s law review.

UPDATE: Here is a post about the Lecture on the Harvard Corporate Governance Blog.

UPDATE II:  Here is an article about the Lecture in The Delaware Law Weekly.