Here is an post on the Harvard Corporate Governance Law Blog about an article co-authored by J.W. Verret, a former law clerk on the Delaware Court of Chancery, and Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Myron T. Steele, about the activities of the members of the bench of the Delaware Supreme Court and Chancery Court off the bench that contribute towards an elucidation of Delaware corporate jurisprudence that helps to "minimize the level of uncertainty that may be systemic to the interpretation of corporation law by a court of equity". This in turn contributes to promoting Delaware’s prominence in corporate law. The article summarizes  those extrajudicial efforts as follows:

–The Judges frequently give speeches and write articles about the direction and patterns they perceive in the line of cases from their vantage point;

–The Judges include analysis in the opinions that, though technically “dicta,” provide useful insight into how open questions not part of the ruling might be resolved; and

–The Judges frequently undertake formal policymaking roles as members of Committees of the ABA and other model rulemaking bodies