Courtesy of, here is a post that refers to the Concurring Opinions blog which surveys recent court decisions that cite to blogs (within the court’s opinion). Although I have mentioned such blog cites in the individual case summaries on this blog, I have not compiled them in the way  that Prof. Dave Hoffman has. Among  the recent Delaware Chancery Court decisions  that have cited to blogs are the following.

Trenwick America Litigation Trust v. Ernst & Young, et. al., 2006 906 A.2d 168; 2006 Del. Ch. LEXIS 139.   Citation to and in depth discussion of a post appearing on Professor Bainbridge’s blog. (Here is one of the many posts on my blog about this case).

Desimone v. Barrows, et. al 2007 Del. Ch. LEXIS 75 (Here  is my blog blurb on the case.)
 Cites argument from Professor Bainbridge’s blog post .
 Cites argument from Larry Ribstein’s blog
post at Ideoblog. 

 In Re Tyson Foods, Inc. Consolidated Shareholder Litigation, 2007 919 A.2d 563; 2007 Del. Ch. LEXIS 19 (Here is my  very short blog summary of the case.)
 Cites argument from Professor Bainbridge’s blog post.
 Cites argument from Larry Ribstein’s blog
post at Ideoblog:

Bainbridge 3
Ribstein 2

SUPPLEMENT: The foregoing does not include citations to other scholarly writings by Professors Ribstein and Bainbridge in opinions by Delaware courts. For example in the quite recent Delaware Supreme Court decision in the North American case, involving duties within the zone of insolvency, the court cited at footnote 28 to separate law review articles by each of the good professors, at the "ssrn" citations of those articles. Here is a link to that decision and a short summary on this blog.