With apologies to my loyal readers for a short "off-topic" post, because I am up to date on summaries of the cases that this blog focuses on, please indulge me a very brief reference to say how proud I am of my older brother, Sen. Dominic F. Pileggi, who is the Senate Majority Leader of the Pennsylvania Senate. I will not delve into partisan political discussion, but suffice it to say in this brief comment that my brother is a man of high principles, integrity and intelligence. He is just the kind of hard working person we need in public service. June 30 was the end of the fiscal year for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and although the Senate approved a budget quite some time ago, the Governor is "holding the budget hostage", resulting in no budget yet for the fiscal year starting on July 1,  by refusing to even discuss the state’s budget until the Senate first considers the Governor’s pet projects. The Governor’s unprincipled position may result in a partial furlough of Pennsylvania’s state employees if the impasse is not resolved this week.