Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, here is a story about a lawyer who is seeking fees of $11,000 per hour in connection with a mistrial apparently resulting from (or related to) the violation of a sequestration order imposed on witnesses. Relevance to this blog: While we often write here about Chancery Court cases that deal with applications for attorneys fees in class actions or derivative cases, the real reason I include this story, (apart from its entertainment value on a topic that interests all lawyers and their clients), is that the lawyer involved, Willie Gary,  is someone I handled expedited business litigation for last year, which resulted in a reported decision by both the Chancery Court and the Delaware Supreme Court, as summarized here,  in Willie Gary, LLC v. James & Jackson, LLC. (As an aside, I admit that it was fun to meet on his private jet –photos linked in the WSJ  Blog story above–when he flew into Wilmington).