I wrote a short summary of selected 2006 decisions from Delaware’s Chancery Court and Supreme Court (other than the obvious cases, such as Disney, that have already been overly analyzed). I made the time to write the summary in the form of an article for Bloomberg, though I reserved the right to put a copy here on my blog. The cases cover a broad variety of topics, from basic fiduciary duties, to the internal affairs doctrine, to Section 220 cases, to proxy disclosures and the like.

Here is the link to the whole article. Let me know what you think.

By the way, I wrote a similar summary of 2005 cases. Here is the link to that summary.  A version of that summary also appeared as an article: see 15 Andrews Del. Corp. Litig. Rep. 12 (Jan. 30, 2006). If I am not careful, some may conclude that there is a trend forming and people may expect me to do this summary every year.

UPDATE: I am fortunate and grateful that Prof. Larry Ribstein, a nationally prominent corporate law scholar, has linked my summary on his blog here.