Prof. Bainbridge comments in a recent post describing the new format of his blog, that at least some members of the Delaware Chancery Court and Delaware Supreme Court are readers of his blog, and we know that his blog comments have been cited in the recent Delaware Chancery Court opinion of Trenwick.Trenwick America Litigation Trust  v. Ernst & Young, L.L.P., 906 A.2d 168, 195 n.75 (Del. Ch. 2006). For a summary of the Trenwick case, see this link to my blog post for an article I wrote summarizing the case.) Those jurists are among his blog’s intended audience and he is well-positioned as a nationally-prominent corporate law professor to keep the interest of his audience. Thus, it makes eminent sense for me to continue to link to his posts in connection with my more limited focus on this blog, which is primarily to summarize key decisions from Delaware’s Chancery Court and Supreme Court. It naturally enriches my blog content to be able to link to his expert blog commentary and other expert corporate law bloggers such as Professors Larry Ribstein (at Ideoblog) and Gordon Smith (at The Conglomerate). Here is the link to the post I refer to by Professor Bainbridge: Professor Bainbridge’s Journal: The Fragmentation Bomb that Hit