Although this blog is focused on Delaware business law, the comments of a nationally prominent corporate law professor, often cited on this blog, are relevant to anyone concerned about important issues of our time. Reminiscent in some ways of the last part of  the Roman Empire, in my own view, some of the events in world affairs today are indicative of different civilizations fighting for primacy or survival. In any event, the link below by the good professor comments on the recent speech of Pope Benedict XVI during his trip to Germany with references to "post-Christian Europe" (see the "dictatorship of relativism") and the tensions among Islam and other religions/societies. These topics and the speech may be esoteric to some, but the professor states that the text of the Pope’s speech "rewards close scrutiny". Here is the link: Benedict’s Speech at Regensburg

UPDATE: Here is a link to Prof. Bainbridge’s update on the pope’s non-apology and other comments on  the  I for one do not think the pope needs to, nor should he, apologize. He was merely giving historical context for his view that violence should never be justified as a means of spreading one’s religion. It should not be his fault if others misinterpret the intent of his speech–especially even after he tries to clarify it. Where is their outrage when others chant "death the West" and the like.