Courtesy of the Electronic Discovery Law Blog  is a link here to an article by Martha Dawson with practical tips for lawyers regarding the new federal rules of civil procedure that are expected to become effective as of December 1, 2006 and are designed to address directly issues with electronically stored information (ESI) and electronic discovery (EDD). Readers of this blog know that my not infrequent posts about e-data and e-discovery are indications of my efforts at self-education to keep updated on the  latest developments on the topic due to my view that not just business litigators, but all litigators and non-litigators alike must be aware of this all-encompassing  cutting-edge topic that in many ways creates a "whole new world" about how we deal with data in litigation. The new rules and developing case law in this area impacts businesses and their lawyers in the most intense way even if they do not litigate for a living.