I have posted quite a few times here on court decisions and recent developments in e-discovery (referred to by some as EDD), and the need for litigators to be up to date on the topic. Often it is necessary or advisable to use an e-discovery vendor to retrieve, compile and sort e-data for distribution to parties in a case. Monica Bay posts on her blog about such an outside vendor who seems to have erased (at least temporarily) data that it was storing. There are so many issues in e-discovery that are hard enough to grapple with, but to add to those the problems of what to do if your outside vendor destroys data, is frightening. Here is the link to Monica Bay’s post on the story: The Common Scold: BREAKING NEWS: EDD SNAFU

UPDATE: I was told on August 11 by the vendor involved  that no data was lost in the foregoing matter, but rather it was only a matter of how the data could be viewed.  I am also told that a software patch has addressed the problem. Here is a link to a letter from the vendor with more details.