Although not a Delaware corporate law decision, I write about yesterday’s decision by Judge Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit due to its wide-ranging applicability that might apply to a dispute in Delaware some day. As reported in the blog of Michael Fox at this link:, the court applied a rule that bars a court from determining issues of internal doctrinal disputes within a given religion–preventing it from opining on the age-discrimination claim of a church organist who was fired on the basis of a disagreement with the bishop about the selection of the types of music to be played. The court reviews the historical underpinnings of this “abstention” doctrine that distinguishes us from the courts of England, and along the way rejects the notion that the selection of music by an organist has no religous meaning. Here is the link to the article where I first saw the story. – Inside Opinions: Legal Blogs