I recently wrote a short article in the Delaware Law Weekly , download pdf file, that primarily summarized a recent Chancery Court decision which reiterated the high threshold that must be met if one seeks to have a court overturn the decision of an arbitrator pursuant to a binding arbitration clause. Most cases do not meet that high threshold. As fate would have it, however, shortly after that article was published, Travelers Insurance Company v. Nationwide Insurance Company, download pdf file, was decided and overturned an arbitration decision because the case presented “extraordinary facts which render upholding the arbitration panel’s decision contrary to the same public policy which animates the courts’ deference toward arbitration. Simply put, the panel’s decision was plainly wrong and in opposition to clear statutory mandate.” But compare the other recently decided case (after my article also), that found a binding arbitration clause barred statutory proceedings for the dissolution of an LLC, at least until after the arbitrator decided the request for dissolution: Terex Corp. v. STV USA, Inc., download pdf file.