The focus of this blog is on those decisions from the Delaware Court of Chancery and Delaware Supreme Court that deal with corporate and commercial law. Many cases from both courts deal with other areas of the law that are outside the scope of this blog. From time to time, there are cases from each court that “come close to the line” of this blog’s focus, and in those instances I may include some of those cases. It also happens that there may be a period of a week or more where there are no decisions handed down that fall within this blog’s scope (hence the commentary), and at other times, several decisions can be published on the court’s website in one day. This week 2 decisions were issued that prompted the foregoing explanation. In Libeau v. Fox, the court interpreted an agreement among erstwhile friends to buy and use a beach house. The court was called upon to interpret that agreement in light of one party wanting to “cash out” her interest. In Hionis v. Shipp, the court interpeted a document that purported to create an easement, but despite defects in the document, the court found an easement by estoppel. Both decisions are found on the court’s website.