Delaware Court of Chancery Recites Standards Applicable to Non-Delaware Attorneys Admitted Pro Hac Vice

The Sequoia Presidential Yacht Group LLC v. FE Partners LLC, C.A. No. 8270-VCG (Del. Ch. July 5, 2013). Issue Addressed: In this short letter opinion, the Delaware Court of Chancery reiterated the standard of conduct that will be applied to … Continue reading

Delaware Supreme Court Gives Qualified Immunity to Court-Appointed Counsel

The current issue of The Bencher, the national publication of the American Inns of Court, includes my regular ethics column which highlights a recent decision of the Delaware Supreme Court that grants qualified immunity to court-appointed counsel, and also denied … Continue reading

Delaware Supreme Court on Rule 11 Violations

In my most recent ethics column for The Bencher, I reviewed a recent Delaware Supreme Court decision that announced a new standard that will be followed in Delaware when a trial judge believes that Rule 11, or a rule of … Continue reading

Civility in the Legal Profession

The Wall Street Journal has a front page article today about programs designed to promote civility in the legal profession. Much has been written on these pages and elsewhere about this perennial lament about lawyers behaving badly. Many states, including Delaware, … Continue reading

New Articles of Interest to Delaware Corporate Lawyers and Litigators

Two law review articles of interest to Delaware corporate lawyers and litigators arrived in the U.S. mail today and are linked below. Both articles are authored by luminaries familiar to all who follow developments in corporate law: The Delaware Journal … Continue reading

Improper Notarization of Signature for Complaint Results in Dismissal

Bessenyei v. Vermillion, Inc., C.A. No. 7572-VCN (Del. Ch. Nov. 16, 2012). Issues Addressed: (1)  Whether a notarized signature signed in the absence of a notary results in an invalid verification; and (2)  Whether knowingly presenting an improperly notarized verification is a … Continue reading

Delaware Supreme Court Clarifies Standards for Enforcement of Legal Ethics and Attorney Conduct

Crumplar v. The Superior Court of the State of Delaware, No. 643 & 644, 2011 (Del. Supr., Oct. 22, 2012). Why this case is noteworthy: This Delaware Supreme Court opinion establishes new rules and standards that will govern when trial … Continue reading

District Court Disqualifies Firm Due to Client Representation of Over 15 Years Ago

We have written frequently on these pages about decisions that have addressed potential conflicts of interest in the litigation context, both real and imagined, in the state and federal courts. See, e.g., cases and articles on these pages here. The U.S. … Continue reading

Resources for Legal Ethics and Analysis

My regular ethics column for the The Bencher, the national publication of the American Inns of Court, appears in the current issue and compiles an array of resources that are available to shed light on issues of legal ethics. Unlike typical … Continue reading

Chancery Rules on Motion to Disqualify and Motion to Revoke Pro Hac Vice Admission; Addresses Legal Ethics Violations; Requires Disclosure of Potential Conflicts in Future Pro Hac Vice Motions

Manning v. Vellardita, C.A. No. 6812-VCG (Del. Ch. March 28, 2012), is an important decision of the Delaware Court of Chancery on legal ethics as applied to non-Delaware attorneys who appear before the Court pro hac vice. Issues Addressed: Whether … Continue reading