Chancery Imposes Fees for Bad Faith Litigation Tactics

ASB Allegiance Real Estate Fund v. Scion Breckenridge Managing Member LLC, C.A. No. 5483-VCL (Del. Ch. Sept. 16, 2013) This Chancery decision, on remand from the Delaware Supreme Court, awarded attorneys’ fees based on the bad faith exception to the … Continue reading

Award of Fees Upheld; Motion for Reargument Denied

Cartanza v. Cartanza, C.A. No. 7618-VCP (Del. Ch. July 8, 2013). Bottom line: This short letter ruling amplified the reasoning in the court’s prior decision in this case, highlighted here, in which the court awarded fees in connection with a … Continue reading

BJR Protected Allegedly Interested Director Transaction; When Section 220 Tolls Statute of Limitations

Sutherland v. Sutherland, C.A. No. 2399-VCN (Del. Ch. May 30, 2013). Issue Addressed:  Whether certain directors violated their fiduciary duties by benefiting from a system of charging for administrative expenses for personal matters that was more favorable to certain directors. … Continue reading

Supreme Court Affirms Liability of SIGA Technologies to PharmAthene Based on Failure to Negotiate in Good Faith

SIGA Technologies, Inc. v. PharmAthene, Inc., Del. Supr., No. 314, 2012 (May 24, 2013). This Delaware Supreme Court decision was the subject of a BloombergBusinessweek article on Sunday, May 26. The Court of Chancery’s opinion was highlighted on these pages … Continue reading

Settlement Agreement Enforced Without All Signatures

Whittington v. Dragon Group LLC, C.A. No. 2291-VCP (Del. Ch. May 1, 2013).  Multiple prior decisions in this case have been highlighted on these pages and they provide more background details for the interested reader. Issue Addressed:  Whether a settlement agreement … Continue reading

Chancery Penalizes Obstruction in Efforts to Take Deposition

Cartanza v. Cartanza, C.A. No. 7618-VCP (Del. Ch. April 16, 2013). Issue Addressed:  Whether attorneys’ fees should be awarded due to defense counsel obstructing the efforts of opposing counsel to depose his client. Short Answer: Yes. Brief Overview This letter … Continue reading

Chancery Addresses Reasonableness of Fees Awarded Pursuant to Contract

Edgewater Growth Capital Partners L.P. v. H.I.G. Capital, Inc., C.A. No. 3601-CS (Del. Ch. April 18, 2013).  This ruling explains both an issue about attorneys’ fees and the revision of a previous Chancery opinion in this case highlighted on these pages here. … Continue reading

Chancery Awards Fees in Disclosure Only Settlement

In re: Paetec Holding Corp. Shareholders Litigation, C.A. No. 6761-VCG (Del. Ch. Mar. 19, 2013). This Chancery opinion explains why attorneys’ fees were awarded in the amount of $500,000 based on a settlement of a challenge to a merger that resulted … Continue reading

Duties of Directors of Insolvent Company Addressed

Edgewater Growth Capital Partners LP v. HIG Capital, Inc., C.A. 3601-CS (Del. Ch., Feb. 28, 2013). This 70-page decision provides useful and extensive analysis of the duties of directors of an insolvent corporation and related claims against a private equity shareholder … Continue reading

Chancery Ends Experiment in Litigation Financing

Forsythe v. ESC Fund Management Co. (U.S.), Inc., C.A. 1091-VCL (Del. Ch. Feb. 6, 2013). Issue addressed: Whether the court would allow objectors to the settlement of a derivative suit to guarantee the amount of the settlement and “take a … Continue reading