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M&A Litigation: Standards of Review

A member of the Delaware Court of Chancery has penned a chapter for an upcoming book on stockholder litigation. An overview of the chapter was recently published on the Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog. This scholarly writing by Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster is entitled: Changing Attitudes: The Stark Results of Thirty Years of Evolution … Continue Reading

Challenge to State Bid Dispute Denied

Justin M. Forcier, an associate in the Delaware office of Eckert Seamans, prepared this overview. A recent Chancery decision provides guidance for attorneys seeking injunctive relief in connection with a bid dispute for a state contract pursuant to 9 Del. C. § 4725.  Charlie’s Waste Services, LLC v. Kent County Levy Court, C.A. No. 2017-0283-JRS … Continue Reading

Call for Scholarship on New Legal Ethics Rule

Some readers may be aware that for the last 20 years, I have written an ethics column for The Bencher, a publication of the American Inns of Court. One of my recent columns, on the newly adopted Model Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4(g), generated an unusual “letter to the editor” from the current president of the … Continue Reading

Chancery Allocates Merger Consideration Among Common and Preferred Stockholders

This post was prepared by Brian E. O’Neill, Esq. of Eckert Seamans. The Court of Chancery recently allocated merger consideration among common and preferred stockholders in an appraisal action involving no disputed facts. In In Re Appraisal of Goodcents Holdings, Inc., C.A. No. 11723-VCMR (Del. Ch. June 7, 2017), Vice Chancellor Montgomery-Reeves interpreted the certificate … Continue Reading

Chancery Clarifies Distinction Between Defective Corporate Acts and Unauthorized Corporate Acts

A recent Delaware Court of Chancery decision addressed an issue of first impression in connection with the types of “defective” corporate actions that initially were not approved properly, for example, due to lack of stockholder approval, but in some instances can still be ratified. Nguyen v. View, Inc., C.A. No. 11138-VCS (Del. Ch. June 6, 2017).  … Continue Reading

Chancery Denies Motion for Expedited Proceeding on Preliminary Injunction Due to Absence of Irreparable Harm

This post was prepared by Brian E. O’Neill, Esq. of Eckert Seamans. The Court of Chancery recently denied a plaintiff’s motion to expedite her preliminary injunction motion, which sought to delay a June 8, 2017 stockholders’ vote on Yahoo’s decision to sell its operating business to Verizon for $4.8 billion.  In Buch v. Filo, C.A. No. 10933-VCL … Continue Reading

Chancery Imposes Detailed Remedy For Litigants’ “Untimely and Unreliable” Discovery Representations

This post was prepared by Brian E. O’Neill, Esq. of Eckert Seamans. This Order is a must read for all counsel who practice before the Court of Chancery. The Court has once again expressed its intolerance for abusive and less than candid discovery practices.  In In Re Oxbow Carbon LLC Unitholder Litigation, C.A. No. 12447-VCL … Continue Reading

Chancery Grants Mandatory Injunctive Relief Based On Violation of Contract Terms

This post was prepared by Brian E. O’Neill, Esq. of Eckert Seamans. The Court of Chancery recently granted a mandatory injunction compelling the return of nine domain websites which had inadvertently been transferred to another entity. In Friendfinder Networks Inc. and Various, Inc. v. Penthouse Global Media, Inc., C.A. No. 12436-VCMR  (Del. Ch. May 26, 2017), … Continue Reading

Unocal Claim Does Not Satisfy Rule 23.1

The Court of Chancery recently issued a thorough opinion explaining why a complaint that pleads a Unocal claim does not, per se, satisfy the pre-suit demand excusal requirements of Rule 23.1.  In Ryan v. Armstrong, Del. Ch., C.A. No. 12717-VCG (Del. Ch., May 15, 2017), the court addressed a claim related to the failed transaction … Continue Reading

Scholarship on Duties of Corporate Officers

Professor Lyman Johnson, whose scholarship on corporate law has been cited in Delaware court opinions, and frequently referred to on these pages, has published a paper on the implications and consequences of the paucity of Delaware case law on the duties of corporate officers–especially when compared to the plethora of case law defining the contours … Continue Reading

Court Rules That Decision by an Independent Auditor is Not an Arbitration Award

Justin M. Forcier, an associate in the Delaware office of Eckert Seamans, prepared this overview. A recent Chancery decision provides guidance regarding when the decision by an independent party appointed to resolve post-closing adjustments can be used as an arbitration award that can be turned into a judgment of the court.  Fraud claims in the context … Continue Reading

Chancery Grants Section 220 Demand

The Court of Chancery issued an important decision a few days ago for those who need to understand the latest nuances of Delaware law involving DGCL Section 220.  Readers of these pages for the last 12 years have seen highlights of a plethora of rulings supporting the view that demands pursuant to Section 220 are … Continue Reading

Chancery Instructs on Best Practice for Motion to Compel and Need to be Forthcoming with Document Production

Alexandra D. Rogin, an Eckert Seamans associate, prepared this overview. In a recent transcript ruling in the case styled Doctors Pathology Servs., PA v. Gerges, C.A. No. 11457-CB, transcript (Del. Ch. Feb, 15, 2017), Chancellor Bouchard provides additional guidance to attorneys seeking to file motions to compel discovery in the Delaware Court of Chancery.  This ruling … Continue Reading

New Chapter on Advancement and Indemnification of Directors

As we have written on these pages for several years, in my capacity as the Chair of the American Bar Association’s Advancement and Indemnification Subcommittee of the Business Law Section’s Corporate Litigation Committee, yours truly co-authors a chapter each year that highlights the most noteworthy court decisions on advancement and indemnification of directors and officers, as part of an … Continue Reading

Thank You Justice Holland

The Honorable Randy Holland retired on March 31 after 30 years as a Justice on the Delaware Supreme Court. He deserves praise and gratitude for this 30 years of service on Delaware’s high court. He was the author of many important corporate law opinions, in addition to authoring many opinions, books and articles on a … Continue Reading