Chancery Addresses Admissibility of Trial Exhibits

Grunstein v. Silva, C.A. No. 3932-VCN (Del. Ch. Dec. 20, 2012). Issue Addressed: Admissibility of trial exhibits. Brief Overview For background details, refer to the many prior Chancery decisions in this case highlighted on these pages. This latest installment from the Court … Continue reading

Chancery Grants Motion in Limine to Preclude Evidence Based on Assertion of Attorney Client Privilege

In Grunstein v. Silva, No. 3932-VCN (Del. Ch., Nov. 20, 2012). The Court of Chancery granted a motion in limine to preclude evidence at trial based on the defendants’ assertion of attorney client privilege. This short letter ruling provides useful … Continue reading

Court Limits Attorney Access to Highly Confidential Documents

Grunstein v. Silva, C.A. No. 3932-VCN (Del. Ch. July 2, 2012). Issue Addressed: Whether opposing counsel must certify their agreement to restricted access before viewing documents entitled to a Highly Confidential designation. Short Answer: The Court required a certification to be signed … Continue reading

Chancery Denies Request for Interlocutory Appeal of Summary Judgment Denial

Grunstein v. Silva, C. A. No. 3932-VCN (Del. Ch. Mar. 2, 2011), read letter ruling here. Reviews of the four prior decisions by the Court of Chancery in this matter are available here. At least in part, the genesis of this case … Continue reading

Chancery Allows Billion Dollar Oral Partnership Agreement Claim to Proceed

Grunstein v. Silva, C.A. No. 3932-VCN (Del. Ch. Jan. 31, 2011). The several prior decisions in this matter where highlighted on this blog here.  Issue Presented:  This 40-page Court of Chancery decision addressed whether defendant’s motion for summary judgment on the … Continue reading

Court Grants Motion to Compel Post-Acquisition Financial Documents but Denies Motion to Compel Privileged Emails

In Grunstein v. Silva, C.A. No. 3932-VCN (Del. Ch. April 13, 2010), read letter decision here,  the Court granted Plaintiffs’ motion to compel production of post-acquisition financial documents but denied Plaintiffs motion to compel the production of six emails between the Defendant … Continue reading

Chancery Addresses Claims Arising from Oral Partnership Agreement

Grunstein v. Silva, 2009 WL 4698541 (Dec. 8, 2009, Del. Ch.), read opinion here. Maura Burke, an associate in our Wilmington office, prepared this synopsis. The conflict in this Court of Chancery matter arose from the alleged breach of an oral partnership agreement … Continue reading

Chancery Court Grants Summary Judgment on Claims of Reformation of a Merger Agreement and Unjust Enrichment

In Metcap Securities LLC ,et al. v. Pearl Senior Care, Inc., et al., Del. Ch., No. 2129-VCN (Feb. 27, 2009), the Chancery Court granted summary judgment in a case involving a dispute about the payment of a $20 million fee for a financial … Continue reading